• well, it depends. Are you experienced in track and field, or just starting out? If you are experienced, and have mastered other events, did it take you this long to master them? Also, you may want to ask someone you know who has already mastered pole vaulting. They mey give you some tricks or tips. What exactly do you find difficult abut clearing the bar?
  • Pole vaulting is super tricky and frustrating. I am also a girl. My first year, I made 7' my first meet, then didn't make it again for awhile, then I got it consistently, then masde 7'6" at my last meet of the season. My second year(this year), I made 7'6" at every single meet until there were three weeks left of track. I made 8', then 4 days later, 9', then a week and a half later, 9'6". You have to be really willing to work hard, believe in yourself, and not get too frustrated.

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