• My baby's going to be named either Ethan Robert or Morgan Elaine. My husband chose Ethan Robert - he just likes the name Ethan, and Robert is his grandfather's name. I chose Morgan Elaine - after my two favourite women of the King Arthur legend. (Well, almost. Elaine is #3, but I couldn't get Hubby to agree to Morgan Igraine. There's still time, though ^_^)
  • I named my son Adam after a greyhound i was training and he was my fav dog.
  • Before... We decided on a boy's name and a girl's name we liked. We didn't name them after anyone in the family or any important person... We just liked the way the full name sounded. We were also pretty careful with the initials. Our last name started with "S", and we didn't want to name the kid something like "Allen Samual S..." or "Alice Susanne S..." ;-) Still, one just pointed out that we made his initials "MSS" (Mess) LOL
  • I lost on the first name but I got the middle name Desiree because it means desired child & I wanted her for as long as I can remember
  • My ex husband and I had the same initials so I decided that my kids would have our initials and both boys do. Coming up with names was easy for first names.
  • I loved the name Sarah and thus we decided on it.
    • Bootsiebaby
      One of my nieces has a baby daughter called Sarah. It is a nice name. :)
  • I'm currently pregnant so my husband and I have been struggling with baby names... The girls name we chose we came across looking at wedding rings, it was a style of ring but we both loved the name. Her middle name will be after my grandmother. If this child is a boy (I find out next month) we are still working on figuring out a name... So I don't have an answer for that!
  • I'm the 14th first son in my family with the same name. I named my only the 15th No choice really, grandparents were still alive.
  • My son Sam is named after his maternal great grandfather. My daughter Charlotte is named after her paternal great grandmother. And my daughter Iris is named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow.
  • Ok here goes: I had my first born wanted to be surprised if a boy Michael, if a girl Michelle.............Michelle aka Mikki 2nd child I knew the sex but prior to knowing I picked Nicholas for a boy.....however I when I saw the xx Nicole it was aka Nikki 3rd child I also found out was going to be the good old xx but had I had a boy it would have been Kenneth instead............Kendra aka Kenni So there you have it the three things I know I did right in my life............MIKKI, NIKKI and Kenni Thank you Ted for assisting me in their births, LOL :o)
    • Bootsiebaby
      Why is it necessary to masculinise those names? If I had a daughter I might call her Michelle, but she would be known as Michelle, not Mikki.
  • My daughters father named her before she was born, and even before we knew for sure that she was a girl. Aislinn means "the vision, the dream" in Gaelic, and she certainly is <3
  • I am not a parent, but my parents had a name picked out for me, Nichole. After I was born,my dad left to tell all his friends about me, and while he was gone, my mom just said a name to the nurse. When my dad came back, the nurse handed me to my father saying, here is your baby girl Heather, and he hands me back saying, I don't have a daughter named Heather. And walks off to tell my mom that the nurse tried to give him somone else's baby. To this day, I tease him that he never really wanted me, and tried to hand me back. :)
  • My sons name is Cale Patrick . First name is dad's middle name (His Dad gave him his middle name and it was the only thing he ever did for him) . Middle name is my Dad's name...He's very important to me and very loved by our whole family.....I hope my son can grow to be even 1/2 the man my father is
  • i left that privilege to my husband, and according to him, it was usually due to something important that occurred and yes, he either had it beforehand or it was while i was in the hospital. He did a wonderful naming our children
  • &quot;Katie" was my first choice for no real reason, but my wife knew an evil Kathy in 7th grade, so I sat down and came up with a list of 10 or 12 girl names, of which we agreed on "Marissa". If our 2nd had been a girl, we'd picked out "Cara", but we had to use the only boy name we could think of, "Sean".
    • Bootsiebaby
      My eldest niece is known as Katie, although her actual name is Kaitlyn, which is an Irish version of basically the same name. One of my best friends in school was called Cara, and we are still good friends now (more than 20 years after we left school, we still live in the same part of the city).
  • ................
  • I haven't had any children yet (I'm going to wait at least until I get married), but I already know what the name of my daughter will be. She will be named after my grandmother whom I was very close to and who died two years ago. Her middle name will be my middle name (which is also my mom's middle name). As for a son, I'm going to be fair and let my future husband have the honor of choosing that name. :) I haven't figured out any names for a possible second daughter or son yet, but most likely at least the second girl will be named after family too.
  • Prior to our first child being born, Sunday evenings, my wife and I sat around our little BBQ, cooking chicken. We then took turns reading aloud every English name listed in the Merriam Webster's Dictionary. After going through maybe 500 male and 500 female names we only had a couple for each gender that we had noted as names we liked. We picked a name for a boy and a girl and our first child was a boy. The second kid was a girl and we knew that fiarly early in my wifes pregnancy so already had a name ready for her. We refused, however, to tell ANYONE, of the names we had chosen until that baby arrived complete with a name.
  • I named my son Jonathan as a variant of John (my father's name).

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