• If she has no record, she should plead guilty and apologize. The judge will most likely have her take a 1 day class and as long as she goes, the charges will be dropped after a period of probation.
  • If she pleads guilty, her shoplifting record will be with her the rest of her life. she will not be employed in any government job. other employers, that pay to run background checks on on prospective employees, will discover her shoplifting conviction. First offenders, usually, from a guilty plea, are put on probation for a number of months. the net worth of the item(s) stolen, is a deciding factor in the punishment. stolen merchandise, valued over $500.00, is a felony in tennessee. in this situation, the case would be bound over to a grand jury and then into criminal court. Your girlfriends case can be handled at the general sessions level, of court. Shoplifting is a complex, serious crime. it carries implications that if a person steals something worth $120.00, they will steal $120,000.00, if given the opportunity. This answer also came from nashville, tn.

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