• Simple, let the girls flirt with you. Some girls are big flirts, and if they arnt, just be yourself. =]
  • just be yourself, either there is chemistry or there isn't
  • yup! Some girls are big flirts
  • Get over being shy, and as long as you can communicate and say what you feel you'll be fine.
  • Since I'm 13 In School If you are good in sport ask her if you want to race or play game of something that she might be interested in. If you are smart try to impress her with your study. But careful or she might think your a geek or a nerd. Find something to be proud of and show it to her. If you are fat, loose weight. If your ugly, too bad.
  • Personally I love flirting with girls, the main points to flirting is to be yourself, funny, confident and take the piss out of yourself. Women love you taking the piss out of yourself (i think).
  • NO. heres your answer. this is the easiest, shortest way to end shyness. day 1, walking by, say hellooo while smiling slightly and giving eye contact.(even though it may seem weird or rough at 1st. only cuz ur not used to it.)to atleast 8 or 9 girls. your confidence with them will grow more and your head should be, "shes cute ill say hi in a flirtful way". while doing it. you will notice the shyness dissapearing this 1st day. comment on this to hear more. gotta comment so i can recieve a message. ps. this can lead to you being a player or mack. youll see
  • say something funny...
  • you can't talk to girls let alone flirt with them if you're shy... try to start talking with them, flirt will come naturally... when the time is right ofcourse.
  • all what you need to know
  • I was very shy and a very poor flirt until I was told about the self confidence thing. Build up your self esteem and go out there and just act yourself.
  • Smile and say Hi and say her name like it's the most important word in the world.
  • Find something they are interested in and start up a conversation about that.Be funny,but don't try too hard.Most importantly be yourself!I hope this helps.
  • With me I would act kinda stand offish and say outlandish things... kinda like a player would say... it worked for me because they new I was shy and nice and say that I had a personality by being a parody of a jerk they would probably date by mistake.
  • Just have a lot of confidence be sarcastic with them play with there hand hold there hand walk with them walk up to them and put ur arm around them if u no them ok be sarcastic like OH when can i marry u to a girl shell just laught and get red like that sht bro
  • Just be them an intrest of some the eye catching game with them.ask for there number and text will be able to have a better conversation if you are shy by text 21 questions ...i do it all the time and guys think its fun im 15 and a if ur in those years than i have advice for you =] good luck
  • self esteem is everything! I have always been the shy/nice guy. it's just who I am, and I've learned to except that. But I use this to my advantage with girls. I'll be quarky and sweet, and a lot of girls love that! The key is to be confident in yourself. If your lacking the confidence then just gradually work it up, that's what I did and it worked great! Also all girls want is for a guy to make them feel like a million dollars. Make them laugh, complement them, and most definitely show that your interested in them. Even something as simple as looking a girl in the eyes can drive them crazy, and also it's an amazing confidence booster when you have a girl hooked on your just from a glance, lol! Best of luck man, go get them!
  • Lots of girls love shy guys. Be yourself.
  • Plain and simple, just step up to the plate!
  • Just talk to them. If you get nervous tell them the truth and admit that you're shy, some girls find that coot :D
  • Just be friendly etc and it starts to work :) +5

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