• You might check with the post office to be sure but phone directory companies leave phone books on top of them all the time. That seems to me to be about the same. However, if you're worried you might try just slipping flyers into door jambs, screen doors, gates, etc.
    • mushroom
      When I deliver community flyers, I place them in a the railing, against the doorknob, mail slot on the door or open basket/hook under the mailbox. I haven't come across "none of the above" yet.
  • Taping or placing a flyer, on the outside of a personal mailbox, can be a violation of the law, in some jurisdictions. the vast majority of laws, dealing with personal mailboxes, only address opening the door and either taking from or adding to, the mailbox. Flyers are placed on personal mailboxes everyday. I cannot recall a single person being arrested for this action.
  • The reason you have not seen flyers on mail boxes is because they will take them off and you off to jail. Display good sense in running on issues that you have asked people door-to-door what matters to them. If you want to make a difference for better results from all levels of our government, help high school students to adopt a better election system. Democracy is twisted when majority is not required. (49 states do not require majority.) Instant runoff voting gets us winners by majority by ranking our choices. See "Improving Student Government Elections" at: for a demonstration and explanation. I am donating $100 to each of 100 high school student governments. How much is that? What would you give to have democracy made better?
  • It is my understanding that anything left on or in an mail box must have the proper postage attached to regardless of whether it is actually delivered by the Post Office or not. This is why many posts with rural post boxes will also have another tube under the mail box for the news paper. The paper carrier may not leave the paper on the mail box. This is not a matter of local jurisdiction. It is a matter of federal law.
  • bob you must own a advertising company or partner in Postal service. I already made a comment to your post on another site about this subject, but you not being the brightest color in the box, you must sure have alot of money to throw away on advertising. Sorry but I prefer to pocket the money I save, not use it to line your pockets. I got great responses from people with flyers, and at almost $.50 per piece mailed, I can pay $10.00 for 100 flyers that is $.10 each, that is alot of money saved considering mailing them via postal would cost you $41.00, and that is not including the time or envelopes to do it. So enjoy the day, get your exercise and canvas your neighborhood, meet your neighbors and let the monopoly of the usps fall.
  • I have looked for a law against this an found only one code relating to this issue. However, I am running for a local office and placed flyers on mailboxes in four different areas.One out of four post offices contacted me telling me I could be fined up to $300.00 for each flyer.Here is the code I found : Part 1 title 18 chapter 83 #1725 Whoever knowingly and willfully deposits any mailable matter such as statements of accounts, circulars, sale bills, or other like matter, on which no postage has been paid, in any letter box established, approved, or accepted by the Postal Service for the receipt or delivery of mail matter on any mail route with intent to avoid payment of lawful postage thereon, shall for each such offense be fined under this title. The post office that contacted me threatened me, but I believe they are wrong! They went as far as to say they own your mailbox. Well I say if they own my mailbox then when it is broke they must repair it!
  • It is ILLEGAL for ANYONE but those receiving mail from that box to touch it in any manner .... NO mail/ flyers/ brochures etc on or in the mailbox that are NOT delivered by an authorized postal employee .... You have both criminal and civil charges levied against you ... for violating these laws .. +5
  • By placing your ads on the postal box, you are in essence cheating the post office out of the funds you would have paid to have them deliver the ads for you. That is there take on it. A similar occurence happened with my post box. I called the postal inspector. He told me to place it in an envelope and label it to Postal Inspector with a short note of the incident. They will then canvas the neighborhood and every single flyer they find on mailboxes will be collected, the sender will be billed a significant charge for the violation. Needless to say, that has not happened again. Damn church people need to pay just like everyone else.
  • not sure, ask the post office

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