• Maybe he keeps his weekends free for the game, or his team.
  • That could be. I was dating a woman who placed the same restriction on our dating. She told me that her weekends were permanently reserved for another guy or two so even though I had developed strong feelings for her I felt that I was at best # 2 to her. At the time I was following author Susan Page's advice about maximizing my chances for meeting the right woman by maximizing my dating. Consequently, I was just starting to date my future wife then so I dumped the socially rigid, libertarian IRS worker so that I could begin the rest of my life with her. Has he explicitly told you that or has he implied it by never accepting a weekend date with you, etc?
  • i dont know...maybe he'd rather hang out with his guy friends. But that sure is a red flag, that's for sure. but seriously if it's your guy you've been dating awhile then i'd make a round at his house and see what was going on
  • Well ...its hard thinking that way but it is better to ask/talk to him about that :-)
  • It's possible. I'd just point-blank ask him (calmly) to his face if there was another girl. If he said no, then I would INSIST on going on a date with him that weekend. If he refused, I wouldn't date him anymore. It's possible, though not as likely, that he has something else other than another girl consuming his weekend time.
  • very possible, but maybe he works on the weekend
  • Well, lets see. Where is this going even if there isn't someone else? I never knew a guy or girl not to have weekend plans especially at the beginning of a relationship. I would think there is someone else.When a guy has feelings for a girl they go after them full force, if he only wants to meet a couple of times during the week your just a toy to him. MOVE ON you deserve better.I recommend you get to the bottom of it first though.You will never have the closure you need to move on without the truth. I don't know how truthful an answer you will get from him so I would do some detective work. Ask him out on a Friday or Saturday to a special event and see what he says. Start there... GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  • It could mean that; on the other hand maybe he mows his mom's grass on weekends.
  • It depends, is he seeing you right after work? Perhaps he is telling his (possible) girlfriend that he is working overtime in order to see you, but he can't come up for any excuses for the weekend. I think you should confront him about it. Pretend that it wouldn't bother you if he had an other girlfriend so he will be comfortable enough to tell you!
  • He's saving his weekends to spend with his main love: his enormous model train set. He likes to wear the engineer's hat.
  • I once had a girl I was dating tell me that she was dating two other guys and really wanted to focus on one, and I wasn't him. I was really impressed with her honesty. Talk to the person your dating, if that is the case and your ok with it, then its ok. If your not ok with it, move on.
  • Not necessarily. For example, I worked part-time through the week, and full-time on weekends, and found it difficult to date then. Maybe he spends the weekends with his parents, sibling(s) or grandparents, then. (If he's in college, he COULD be going home weekends to be with family.) It COULD also mean he works in town through the week, and goes home during the weekend to a family - MAYBE a wife and kids. BUT, why don't you ask HIM?
  • It's a possibility. That or he digs having weekends to himself so he can relax and not do anything at all...Either way, it's weird.
  • Maybe he wants to hang out with the boys on the weekend
  • Personally, I don't go on dates on the weekend. I like to spend the weekends relaxing and hanging out with my friends. I don't think it's weird or unusual.
  • Yes when a guy does that you just his booty call. :(
  • He is fitting you into his schedule, how nice. Find a man that wants to be with you. Sounds like there is someone else in the picture, he is probably living two lives. Having his cake and eating it.
  • or his wife.
  • most likely there probably is another woman but the only true way to find out is to flat out ask him.
  • All i know is he better not! If he wants to see me, he will see me and only me, or Ill tell him to hit the road jack!

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