• I'd go with the first option.
  • Well, what kind of penis do you know that can do all that??
  • Saves me from doing it. Though someone with such a love of language could probably find a better noun to describe himself.
  • I think we're in danger of losing some of the complexity of our language, whether that's a good thing or not remains to be seen.
  • Use it or lose it. Since I don't do much writing anymore, my spelling is in the toilet. If I have to stop and look up spelling in the dictionary to respond here . . . I wouldn't do it. Perhaps this could be an exercise in humility for you. :)
  • I love Malapropisms, and have been know to "intentionally " make mistakes for comic effect. How do you know others aren't doing the same? And as for losing the language, I believe Laurie Anderson said it best. "Language is a Virus"
  • I think that standing up against ignorance and laziness is not a bad thing at all.
  • These kids on relationship advice on here amazes me on how dumb they spell. I have been out of school for thirty years, and I am far better than their grammar! I am proud you are one of us to get onto them about it.
  • My pet peeves include "he don't", "she don't" and double negatives. Plus, I could scream when I hear incorrect usage of me and I, him and he, she and her as in the examples "Me and him went out for dinner" or "He offered two free tickets to she and I". I correct my father all the time on his poor grammar and I know he thinks I am out of line. I also hum "Dueling Banjos" when he uses poor grammar. Oh well, I guess he don't know no better!
  • You're being a dick.
  • Your just a dick keep your thoughts to yourself and it would be great because no one really cares what you think.

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