• If you know he loves you, no. Its just a dream, if you are worried, just spend time with him, and while with him, make sure you leave youself no questions.
  • Yea. You have reason the reason is your dream. But if you broke up with your BF it's not because your dream or predestinied. If you broke up, it can be from habitual issue, principal issue & other problem. It also might be from your atitude change caused by your worry about that dream. Unconsciously people attitude changed become more demanding, more curious, more bugging/annoying because they are worry about their dream.
  • I had a dream my bf was cheating on me and I don't know why but I investigated and that very same day I found out he was with someone for 6 months cheating on me. This doesn't mean your dream is true but for me it was such a gut feeling that it was coming up in my dreams.
  • Dreams can sometimes become true, but I don't advise confronting him about it if you don't have proof. Dreams are not proof and how would you feel if you accused him of cheating on you only to find out he never has?
  • dreams may often not be the extracts of future/present/past incidents or anything related to it.. its juz the mirror of alternative possiblities u could get in ur real life..since imo dreams are self centred and influenced..i guess u have a no reason to worry..juz trust him if u think he is truely in love with you..!! good luck..!

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