• 16, I think.
  • Juliet is 13, so Romeo is around 14 or 15, I think.
  • Well, they looked older in the movies than they were supposed to be Shakespeare would have casted way differently, but it wouldn't get by the censors.
  • I believe Romeo was around 14- 15 years of age this is due to the fact that marriage statistics indicate that the mean marriage age for the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras was higher than many people realize. Data taken from birthdates of women and marriage certificates reveals mean marriage ages to have been as follows: 1566-1619 27.0 years 1647-1719 29.6 years 1719-1779 26.8 years 1770-1837 25.1 years Therefore a forbidden love not only due to household differences, but the "parenting" of the lovers indicates a youthful Romeo and an equally youthful Juliet, as such a young un-approved marriage would lack the foresight to think of such things as disinheiritance and lack of gainful employment.
  • 14, I read it in some Shakespear article. I'll look for the link in my History so ber with me a moment, theres a lot of shit in there,
  • Juliet is 13 (source: 12 She's not fourteen. 17 Come Lammas-eve at night shall she be fourteen. (see ) Romeo is about 14 (source: "One Romeus, who was of race a Montague, Upon whose tender chin, as yet, no manlike beard there grew, Whose beauty and whose shape so far the rest did stain," (see )
  • Juliet is two weeks away from fourteen and Romeo is 16
  • Juliet is 13 and Romeo is 14, I believe.
  • romeo was more like 18 according to my english teachers in high school but juliet was 14 or almost 14
  • 1564–1616 somewhere?
  • Romeos age is not specified but around 15 based on the way he is decribed, and Juliet is two weeks from being 14.
  • He must be so old by now, that he's probably dead.
  • Shakespeare never gives him an age. Juliet starts the play at 13 but Romeo is just older we never know how much.
  • please take into consideration the time the play was written. it is very likely that Romeo is in is very late teens or early twenties. Remember that Romeo's peers are Tybalt and Mercutio, and The words spoken by them are far more mature than 14-16. Tybalt says he "hates peace." At any rate my best guess is that Romeo is 18 at the youngest. It drives me crazy that teachers tell students that he is 14-16 to make the play more politically correct for this day and age. The play was not written for this day and age!
  • My English teacher said that Romeo is 17 and Juliet is 14.
  • although Shakespeare's original source says he is a younger man, round the age of 14, the rest of the play has made a big issue about time, and so i believe he would have been made older, to accentuate the importance of time, and to make it more of a scandal if they were found.
  • Romeo is 16, Juliet is 14.
  • not sure

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