• There is no such thing as "DTS video". DTS is an audio encoding format, which provides superior audio reproduction compared to Dolby. You need to connect the digital audio output from the DVD player (optical or coax) to a digital input on the home theatre (HT) receiver. You will probably have to map the digital input channel to the receiver's DVD input using the HT receiver's setup menu. You may also need to enable DTS output on the DVD player, using its setup menu. DTS is disabled by default on many brands of DVD players. I would suggest using the DVD player's composite output and running it directly to the composite input of your television. Avoid using the HT receiver to switch the video. This will provide the best quality video reproduction. Failing that, connect the DVD's s-video output direct to the television, if the television has a spare input. If all else fails, route the video through the HT receiver. This is the easiest and most convenient method, but makes the video quality dependant on the quality of the switching circuits in and the video bandwidth of the HT receiver.

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