• My daughter is almost 3 and the way I was able to get her potty trained, is at first everytime I changed her diaper I put her on the potty for about 3 minutes and she slowly started going sometimes on there, then I just put underwear on her. She had accidents(of course) at first, but I just changed her clothes and cleaned her up and kept going, eventually she just started telling me when she needed to go and now she doesn't seem to ever have accidents. Practice with him at first, then just pick a day and go for it. You will have a lot of accidents at first, but he will probably get a better understanding for it if he feels wet..Good luck.
  • I work with handicap adults, and some of the more capable mentally retarded adults use depends day and night....but when I knew they could go to the bathroom atleast during the day, I made them change theirself and as the other answer says, sit them on the toilet for a few minutes after they use their diaper....eventually, if he has to do more work, and still sit on the toilet, then he'll just pick the quick easy route, and go to the toilet to get it over with sooner, you can also give rewards for using the bathroom..... but careful with that, cause kids go alot lol
  • Stop using diapers if you are still using them.
  • Get rid of the diapers except at bed time, most kids hate being wet, Just phrase him starting of by saying [ I wonder if you can show me how big a boy you can be today by using your potty] and maybe we'll go to the park or go for an ice cream.surprising how little things will help.
  • we had a late potty trainer. In the end we tried potty training "boot camp." On a warm day we simply had him run around naked from the waist down, and spent most of the day outside. It was a great way to make him fully aware of what was going on. He soon started telling us when he needed to go, as he really didn't like peeing on his own leg!
  • ok,at 5 years old,what do you have him wearing during the day and when you go out? is he a large child or fairly thin? is he active,as in not wanting to take the time to go to the potty when he is playiong? Please answer these questions,and I will see what I can think of.
  • Forget the potty - get him to use the normal toilet - if he is small you can get a kiddie seat to fit over the top. Encourage him to show you what a big boy he can be - and praise him every time he does it in the loo. Promise him treats at every milestone. Good luck!
  • You could always make him sit there until he goes. My daughter hated it. She was always scared of "it" coming out. It'll pass.
  • maybe you should ask your doctor about why hes not potty training

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