• Bellefountain Neighbors Police are looking for a man who has a four year old child with him, and they believe the child is in danger. The child is four year old Jaylen Hopkins. He's three feet tall and weighs 38 pounds. He is African American and was last wearing an orange and blue stripped shirt with a navy blue and lime green coat. The youngster is believed to be with 36 year old Namon Taylor, an African American male, five-foot-five inches tall, weighing 165 pounds and last wearing a polo jacket, navy blue with a red stripe on the sleeves. He's also wearing pajama pants, navy blue in color, and wearing shorts over the top of the pajama pants, .a wave cap with brown shoes. Bellefountain Neighbors Police say Taylor is a known drug dealer. He was last seen leaving with the child at the Neecy's Nest Day Care Center at 12-hundred Ashford in Bellefountain Neighbors. He's driving a white 2008 Ford Fusion from Avis Rentals with a missouri plate number: 7BW46R Anyone spotting four year old Jaylen Hopkins or Namon Taylor contact police at (314) 581-4461.
  • I don't think i'll see him here but if i do i'll tell the police
  • Likewise...I'm too far away to be any help but I'm praying for a safe return.
  • Thanks for the posts! But If I was to list every Amber alert (thats what we call it) in my state daily I would take up the whole AB front page.
  • I live about 1500 miles away but do you have a pic? I guess SARAA Alerts are the Missouri equivalent of our (CA) Amber Alerts.
  • I just saw that scrolling across the screen, Sweet T. I didn't see a pic yet, either. I hope they find her soon!
  • Sweet T please tell me they found her..Pretty please???

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