• John L. Sullivan, i believe
    • ReiSan
      He beat Paddy Ryan in 1882 to become champion. Modern boxing goes abck to 1719 with James Figg being champion then.
  • Joe Louis maybe
  • I dont know if yur talkin WORLD. But I do recall Jack johnson. He was the first American Black champ the buried his aponents. He has the most enduring , sorrowful, difficult,discriminated, dramatized story ever. And Jack wrote poetry and played violin. My Hats off to jack. Other wise who was the first WORLD champ. Ever? check out Greek games. They fought newd on an island. google it. Thanks for askin
  • James Figg was the first champion of modern boxing. He was born in 1684 and held the title 1719 to 1739.
  • not sure
  • John L Sullivan.

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