• Non-immigrant (tourist) visas are normally issued for periods from 3 months up to 10 years. You have to check your visa to see when it expires. You can apply for an extension of 6 months. For more information about visas, see this link:
  • not sure but i think the longest you can stay on a tourist visa is 3 months.
  • what passport do you have? When you state that you are on an American visa -- do you mean that you have a US passport and have been granted a visa to visit the UK? The longest you can stay in a country depends on that country and its arrangement with the country that issued your passport. Different passports are granted differing amounts of time in different nations -- there is no one simple answer. Also, "green cards" are the nickname given to the document grated to non-US citizens who are allowed to reside in the US... green card holders can stay in teh US (in theory) forever.

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