• Because he is being selfish and doesnt want someone else to have you. He may not let you go but its more like you are not going. If you want to start over and find someone else, stop letting this person control you. Tell him " you broke up with me- let me go now."
  • Thank you Sarita, yes I do believe I'm apart of the problem here... I thought I was being petty or showing a sign of weakness by saying we can't be friends or don't call me, stop texting and all that.... I do feel like if you don't want to be in the relationship then there is no coming back and forth and he's always in the way, I went on a date last night and my ex kept texting and calling me and then was waiting in front of my house when i got home. I let him in and we talked about it, he's all in his emotions then but tells me he not ready to commit again so I'm like ok then what does he want me to do? It's driving me crazy. I do love him, we've been broken up for almost 4 months now and I'm just starting to let it go and then here he comes! help( oh we were together for 5 years on and off) he's a very confused Aquarius! lol
  • I Tell him I want him to go and he makes me stay with him and treats me like crap.

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