• O_o call a ambulence!!! No risks might be a heart attack! Could also be angina
  • I used to have that too. I'd usually stop breathing, or breathe really really lightly, until it went away. I'm fine now, but it was so rare. It seems to be common with you, so I'd see the Dr. about it. I'm sure it's not that rare, if you and I have had it and we're completely different people.
  • If it is very painful and happens often, see a physcian. Have you checked your chest for knives or other sharp objects? Could be a fast fix
  • Probably just muscle pain, but if you have any other symptoms (sweating, pain in your left arm, stomach pain, etc.) go to the E.R. immediately. (Don't try to drive yourself, call the EMT's)
  • Using too many stimulants. Add meds, caffine, nicotine basicly any kind of stimulant when used on a tired body can cause stress on the heart. If you are living a high activity lifestyle, not sleeping much and using any kind of stimulant this could happen. Its not healthy, if you are young I would say this is most likely the culprit.
  • I have the exact same pain.. It is a very painful but only lasts a minute.. I've also had the same pain in my lower back around my kidney area but instead of hurting when i breathe it hurt all the time, Mostly when i moved but sometimes when I didnt. I felt a little like i was paralyzed because I really could not move for about a month. This was five times more painful then the chest pains and definately the worst pain of my life. I went to the doctor to check out my spine and my kidneys but they never found anything wrong. I have a feeling it may be a pinched nerve in the spine that travels throughout the ribcage. I'm not positive but I have a hunch that its a nerve getting pinched or something and the pain travels down to the nerve ending.
  • I might know what it is I had the same thing as you are explaining just a week ago. It's called "plurasy" or roughly something of the sort. It's a sharp pain around the left side of your ribs and I get it because I sit wrong on the couch. You also can get it from colds or of the sort.
  • thats chest pains, go to the er

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