• gee, i don't know what i would have said..but I have the impression that your daughter has quite the charming streak!
  • Now that is cute. Although I dont have any kids, what i would do is explain to her the importance of telling the truth. The punishment would not be that severe, if there was one at all.
  • I would have absolutely cracked up laughing and as the tears were rolling down my cheek said 'very good sweetheart no go eat dinner and there is no ice cream today , we'll try again next time and see if you can manage not to lie'.
  • oh my god. that is so cute. by the sound of it she's really little. I'd send it in to baby magazine I would have said, "honey i love you so much, dont lie to mommy, we dont lie in this family"
  • that is pretty cute ^_^ i would have gently explained to her that it is not right to lie, it only gets you in more trouble than the truth ever could. i don't know if i'd punish her for that one, but i would tell her that if she lies again there will be consequences (maybe no dessert, or no TV for a day or something. you can't bring it down too hard on a cute little kid who's just trying to learn.)
  • My little sister does that to my mum all the time, my mum always sits her down and explains that lies aren't good and will get you into trouble and hurt you and others you love.
  • "It hurts me when you lie but more importantly, it hurts you too because it's not the best you can be. When you've done something wrong and you tell the truth about it, your correction will be lighter than when you lie and have to make excuses."
  • I would have probably suppressed a laugh,then tried to get to the bottom of why she was afraid to tell me the truth,although I have no kids,this is what I would have done,I think.*
  • Normally you can tell when your children are lying by their body language or facial expressions. I always hear them out to see what they are going to say. After all has been said and they are telling a lie I will my son the results of lying and telling the truth. An example of when my nieces and nephews were over my house...something was broken and everyone told a different story from one another. My son said mom believe me I am telling the truth...I recalled the incident when he lied to me and said you remember you told me that lie...How can I believe you and he just look at me very disappointed. It taught him a lesson for awhile so maybe this example will help...Something you cannot control. We as parents do not teach our children to lie (well some parents)
  • i would have had to gather her in my arms and thanked the good Lord above for bringing such an angel into my life. yes i think i would have believed her since she called me mommy.
  • That is absolutely adorable :) In a kind way, I would tell her that I cooked her favorite meal for dinner.....and she can just pretend to eat it :) +5
  • I would have asked her why she thinks she would have to lie to me about certain things.
  • that is such a cute story. I am still laughing. I would have hugged her and explained lying isn't right, but no matter what she HAS to tell the truth to MOMMY, and that Mommy will always be there for her, no matter what.. With the truth there is nothing we can't get through together..
  • Aw. Of course I would have believed her!
  • :) i would of started talking to her about the differences in PRETENDING and son ,when he was little ,got to where he would say ,before telling a big story.., "tend like, mama!" or ,"i was tending like"
  • what a cutie...i rememebr purposely telling my mom a lie that i knew she knew to be false because i didnt understand and i wanted her to explain/.
  • How old is your daughter? I as a parent would ask my daughter why she felt she had to lie. This will give me an insight as to why daughter was afraid to tell me the truth. Tell her that eventually the truth will come out and you will be more upset to hear the truth from someone else. Ask her why it is important that you believe or accept her answer as the truth when then both of you would know it was a lie and wrong.
  • lieing is human nature...we do it to meet our avoid disappointing someone, to avoid rejection/to fit in, to avoid consequences and to get what we want...i would have tried to figure out what need she was trying to meet and addressed the need...and talked to her about how to get her needs met without lieing.
  • A lie is a lie. She's just saying it that way to deflect the blame. Being cute shouldn't get you out of a lie.

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