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  • Yes. Silencers are illegal.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Actually, no they're not. Just restricted.
  • go to, match model to your gun and click and buy. But trafficking in silencers is illegal and will set you up for screening and background checks. And your contections to the mob and middle eastern terrorists will not help
  • The best way to get that kind of stuff is not going to be worth the time in jail you will recieve good lawyer or not. How could you realistically explain such a device? I know the silencer and the catalyitic converter were made by the same guy but are you going to tell the FBI that the silecer for your gun is for muffler parts for your auto. Ok if you are going to get one of them silencing devices you should first think about being a licensed gun collector other than that I think if I say any more I could get is trouble so all the best.
  • Suppressors are not illegal. You need a special license by the BATF. In some states yes they are illegal, but if you are a special type of security force they might OK it. It really all depends on the state. But the USA allows you to have one and even use it for hunting. I wish people would research things before they wrote dumb sheet.
  • You can actually use a soda bottle for one shot. What you do is get the big plastic bottles and paint the inside with some high temperature paint. Then get 2 O-rings. Put the open end over the barrel, use the O-rings to connect it, make sure they are tight. The first round will be very quiet if it's a bolt action rifle or one shot pistol. After that not so much but better than not having one. A real one can be made if you have a small machine shop with tubing, seals and steel wool.

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