• Generally within three rings if I am near the phone.
  • Until I look at the caller ID and see if they make the cut.
  • Depends who it is - withheld numbers never get answered. The 'phone is a very rude device. It is like someone coming into your office and banging on your desk shouting, "speak to me! Speak to me! Speak to me!" :)
  • I've got to get to it within 4 rings or else the answer machine cuts in.
  • I never answer a phone call. Later, if I recognize the number on the call list, I call the people back.
  • I pick it up before it rings sometimes (I hear the interference from my cell phone through the speakers that it always seems to be by...) Since I use a call screening system, only people I want to get through can, so I don't have to check caller ID even though I usually do just so I can say "hi Noel, how are you today" and catch them off guard hehe. Everything else goes to voicemail and I deal with it later.
  • If I am going to answer it I pick up as soon as I can. I don't like to listen to it.
  • Depends on whether I paid my bills yet......
  • It usually takes about three rings before the button shows up on my phone to answer it. But if I don't know who's calling I don't answer it. There's always an option for them to leave a message.

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