• he had a prior conviction? i'd sure as hell try. that's what security guards are there for. even if the other students don't know they should so they could watch that kid and make sure nobody else was at risk.
  • Are you saying that the school knew that the assault was going on and did nothing?
  • I know that universities have a responsibility to notify their students of significant crimes on campus. Perhaps there is a similar law or the same law applies in high schools. You should contact a lawyer to be certain, but I would say that if the perpetrator committed the prior act or the act against your daughter on campus and the school didn't notify parents, then they would be responsible for negligence.
  • how does your daughter feel about the thought of it all being dragged up again in court where she will be pulled apart by lawyers and so on.
  • I don't think legally they are allowed to advise parents due to being a minor.
  • You cant your daughter might be able. Did the school know he had a conviction for sexual assault? or a history or sexual attacks? You have to show the school knew the risk of him and did not do things they are legally able to do/excluding things they cannot do.
  • you can try
  • We are not lawyers. Go ask one. There are lots more points to this story.

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