• well you could be too dry, which can cause discomfort in the form of itching. you should always be sure to wear clean, dry cotton panties. don't go commando, because it can introduce your vagina to more germs and thus, infections. remember ladies, our organ is on the outside with no protection! we must watch for it! also, if it is partnered with odor and/or discharge you may have a yeast infection. go to walgreens and buy an at-home yeast infection test. it will tell you if you have one or not. if you do, get an over the counter yeast infection cream and that should take care of it. don't be afraid to ask the pharmacist, either. thats what they're there for and i gaurantee they've heard weirder. if its not either of those, i suggest going to the doctor.
  • Try washing it once in a while.
    • beaker95
      We are not all as extravagant as you, my noble friend.
    • Ice man
      So how much does a cup of water cost, over there ?
  • Probably a bacterial overgrowth. Wash it with diluted vinegar 2-3 times a day. I usually keep diluted vinegar (1 cup vinegar 2-3 cups water) in a spray bottle its great for cleaning almost everything. If this doesn't work use coconut oil. It's antibiotic. If it persists see your doctor.

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