• Jockeys are ectomorphs. Some are short and built like fireplugs, others are taller and very lean and very narrow. Traditionally, they're very fit, very athletic guys. They're just miniature people. They have very, very low body fat. Most of them diet very strenuously to try to stay around 112, 114 pounds. Bill Shoemaker in his prime was 100 pounds, he was just a toy person. They diet every day, they go into saunas, some of them are flippers (a guy who eats, then puts his finger down his throat and flips the food back up). In the case of the Kentucky Derby, none of them will have a problem making the Derby's weight limit, which is 126 pounds. And they'll put lead slabs in the saddles so that every horse runs with exactly that load. --- (Another source said that height is not as important as weight.)
  • It depends whether you're referring to Flat jockeys or jump jockeys. Flat jockeys tend to be short (less than 5'6", although there are exceptions) and can be expected to ride at 8 stone or even less - the lower the weight they can get down to, the more choice of rides they will have. Jump jockeys are often taller as the weight range carried in National Hunt races is higher (minimum weight in UK is 10 stone, although it is slightly lower in Ireland). For example, the current reigning British and Irish jump jockeys, Tony McCoy and Ruby Walsh, are both 5'10".
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