• Is your battery hacked? As it a pandora battery? If it is, chances are you probably bricked the battery and caused a small circuit going on in there. Try using another battery from a friend. If it works fine then the problem is your battery. You can a PSP battery at game stores like: gamespot, gamestop, EB games, etc...
  • hey dude i have asame problem as you but my works only when plug it in and works with out battery. ANSWER please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • yea, i think im going to have to send it back to the company or something. i tried to turn it on again today with it plugged into my laptop and the green power light was on for only a min...i dunno what to do about it. oh and by the way; im a girl. :)
  • i dont think its my battery because it used to come on without the battery. but ill try someone's.

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