• Being a kid. No worries, no stress, no time restrictions, no fears ect ect. But this will ofc change with each person, there are great benefits of being an adult too, having kids, having money, no school (although work is normally worse than school) ect.
  • Kid. No responsibilities? Please....that's too easy a choice.
  • Well, im 16. But I realize that when your younger you can get away with anything!!! Also, your pretty fit, and not a care in the world.
  • With 5 kids of my own, I think it is better to be an adult but still remember what it is like to be a kid.
  • For me it's being an adult. My childhood wasn't nice
  • G'day lil dominoes, Thank you for your question. I have enjoyed being both. Hopefully, being a kid prepares you to become an adult. Regards
  • Studies show that no age group reports higher or lower levels of happiness than any other. There is no golden era in life, it is simply what you make it. Thankfully we are in an age where we can gather information on this scale, to learn more about the life process as a whole.
  • Being a kid. I miss it. Sadly you aren't one long enough. No work, no bills, no stress. My mom would make all of my meals and serve me like a waitress. :) I would play all day outside. But school sucked and dealing with the really dumb teachers that wouldn't listen.
  • 5-23-2017 Nobody has a choice, so your question is like nowhere, man.

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