• The short answer is: No. No one can FORCE you to change your name.
  • No... My ex kept my last name when we divorced, partially because her degree was in my name, and partial because my kids had my last name (and I WOULD have fought her if she'd have wanted to change their's, too). So, there are reasons TO keep it. I also have a relative who never changed HER name. She married twice. Her kids have their father's last name, but she keeps hers for legal reasons (occupation where she'd built a reputation with that name). So there are reasons NOT to change your name when you marry. Many women go with hyphenated last names, but that's usually at the point of changing to their married name. If you WANT to you can change to name to "upload video" (first thing I saw, but you get the idea), but I believe you have to explain to the court why you would. Long story (above) short: No. You CANNOT be FORCED to change your name to ANYTHING. And if it happens you DO, you COULD always change it back.

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