• I was in that predicament, and I sold the house, because I was afraid of it getting even "tighter" and wouldn't be able to make payments. I didn't want it to affect my credit, and even though I didn't make money I now only have to deal with one house payment and the people who were renting the house didn't take care of it, so I had ended up spending money to fix it and that wouldn't have happened if I just sold the house first.
  • It depends on how mush strain it is putting on you fianacially. Housing prices will most likely continue to drop, so you'd be holding onto it for quite some time (possibly a few years) if you are waiting for the value to increase. If you can't wait that long, you'd be best to sell it now before values drop any more.
  • It's possible and likely (but not provable) that there are many, many versions of you living along different "world lines," which is sometimes called living in different dimensions. This line of thinking says that every decision you make (from who you marry to something as simple as whether you buy gas today or tomorrow) affects how the rest of your life unfolds, just as everything you've done in the past up until this moment has shaped the person you are right now (your looks, memories, attitudes, etc.). So you can see that there could be an infinite number of variations in the way your life could have gone until now and could go from now on, just based on the normal things you do.

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