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  • Fighting with your fiance or with anyone is usually a waste of energy. Usually the things we fight about aren't really that important, though they may seem so at the moment. But compatibility is important, and that means good communication. I would suggest you and your partner seriously consider couples therapy. You are embarking on an interesting journey...motherhood/parenthood. For the sake of the child, the home atmosphere should be loving and caring and supportive. This doesn't happen in an atmosphere charged with tension, fighting, yelling, etc. Consider this...your child will probably grow up like his/her parent. So if you can't get along with your partner, your male child will probably be just like him...and you will have the same troubles. If you have difficulty and are unwilling to take responsibility for your own issues, your daughter will be just like you and have the same troubles. If the two of you can present a united, loving and caring and supporting pair of parents to the new baby, the baby will grow up into adulthood happy and well adjusted. Think about it.
  • When you feel emotional (which may be the cause of your fights), step back and take some really slow, deep breaths. This will calm you down and if you focus on breathing, you'll likely forget what the problem was. You should never stop talking, but perhaps what you talk about when you feel that way should change. If you are frustrated at him, just try walking up to him and kissing him on the cheek, then just walk away. This does wonders for making you feel better as well as avoiding possibly unnecessary arguments. Finally, fights are healthy to relationships, but like chocolate, they are only good in moderation. Not every fight is inevitable but some can't be avoided. Just go with the flow and be sure to resolve your feelings at the end so that both parties are okay with the outcome. Not every relationship, especially engagements or marriages, are fairy tales. And really, who wants one? Arguments help relieve stress if done constructively and somewhat rarely.
  • talk it out girl.HAVE YOUR SAY! unless he is abusive go for a drive and come back home and speak to him,i have the same problem, except im nineteen with a 7 month baby boy! My fiance and i constanly fight, because we always have people at our house and im craving alone time which i dont get. he does not work at the moment and he does so many drugs not caring about me or his son, dont get me wrong! he is an amazing father in other ways. But i love him so much i have no clue what to do with my life anymore.. Oh and i was pregnant i went through the same thing as you, its you hormones because of the pregnancy and guys will never understand what you are going through, be strong girl and congrats on your baby!! Its a gift!! trust me..

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