• I would look at the ECU. Run OBD II on it and see what comes up. (Unless, as I think you said, you replaced it.) It sounds to me like sensors are running crazy. This may be a serious problem with the engine or with the sensors. If you cannot run the car for more than 10 seconds take it into a shop. If you do this stuff yourself there's no guarantee.
  • You might also check to see if there is a chip in your ignition key. I had the same symptoms when my chip went bad in a 2002 grand prix. The vehicle thought it was being stolen. Approximate replacement for mine was $80. Charlie
  • It seems to me that it may be a momentary power loss of some sort. I assume that there were tps codes stored. Were there any loss of comms codes stored? It really could be many things. What codes are stored?

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