• I have. The hours just didn't work for me as a parent. I'd never see my kids if I took they job they were offering.
  • depends if i like the promotion, how much its pays and the situation
  • Yep... Sometimes I don't want the responsibility for the teams' numbers and costs. I also prefer to WORK and not MEET, if you know what I mean.
  • If the promotion involves much more responsibility with not much more money then No, sometimes a promotion has a catch like the Big Boss NOT letting you actually DO your Job.
  • Sure, and for various reasons like having to relocate,working more hours and or days, etc.
  • Yes, if there was something about the job that didn't work for me - location, hours, a job that isn't interesting, etc.
  • If there were strings attached (example: I have to say yes to all of their orders), I would turn it down. Otherwise, yes, I would accept the promotion.
  • I have twice because of young children at home. I would not have been able to devote 100% to the promotion and still have time for a life. Right now, the children are a much higher priority.
  • I've turned down several in the past, especially when offered salary instead of hourly pay and the figures wouldn't add up because of the extra hours I'd be expected to work. In my current job I'm almost capped out at the non-supervisory level, not quite, but the only way to really get a raise would be to be promoted into a supervisory role. I'd take it if it came with a 20% increase in base salary, and I'd definitely jump at the chance if it came with an overseas assignment with a housing allowance.
  • Yes , because I 'm a postman and the only promotion would be manager and seeing how much they're despised !! No thanks !!
  • Yes! Especially if it meant having to be more devoted to the job than my family. I would also turn it down if it meant being in a cutthroat position. No job is worth sacrificing my beliefs.
  • probably if i feel like i didn't deserve it i know i know it doesn't make sense b/c you have to do your part and work hard to earn a promotion most of the time but idk maybe one day a colleague or something would offer to help me out on a project and the boss really liked it but i wasn't all my besides that fact that i really didn't deserve the promotion i wouldn't be able to handle all the new responsibilities Whew!...
  • I have. I would've been held accountable for others actions, no pay increase and no ability to reprimand those beneath me.
  • Yeah, if it involved a undesired relocation, or if I had to service my unattractive boss.

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