• She does not go out on grass, does not recieve alfalfa. She was gaining too much weight about a year ago so we stopped graining and now she just recieves a hay ration balancer (at the recommendation of the vet). She is not ridden on cement, is jumped in sand regularly but given ample time off. She was given the usual treatment, but additionally given pergolide (an insulin serum). Since being given the pergolide and treatment she has fully recovered but she is still on pergolide and the vet wants her to remain on it. She is not pre-cushings, but possibly insulin resistant (IR) thus the pergolide. Anyone have any thoughts on what the culprit could be?
  • Has Your mare foaled recently? Mares can founder from retention of some of the membrane around the foal in the uterus after foaling. It's not common but it happens. Also hormonal problems in mares can cause founder, Mares that are in heat a lot or those that rarely come in to heat can both develop founder from hormone imbalance. That is usually not as severe as grass or over feeding types of founder. I'm sure you are aware of it but too much cold water after a heavy workout and overheating a horse can also cause founder occasionally. (why we usually let them cool down a bit after hard riding before we water them) You may or may not ever have problems with her again. I bought a 8 month old sorrel colt who had foundered mildly (snuck into the grain bin) for $100 because he was such beautiful animal I thought I would give him a chance. That was 8 years ago and he is a well ridden happy healthy horse now and has never had any problems so you never know.

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