• Above 38F warm water floats on cold. Below 38F cold water floats on warm. So in the fall, lakes turn over carrying oxygen to the bottom so fish can stay there while the top is frozen. In the spring when the temperature rises, lakes all turn over again. That carries food up to where bugs can eat it, and the bugs provide food for baby fishes.
  • It is the temperature of the air in contact with the water in the lake that causes the water to freeze The density of ice versus the density of water is only an observation about the density of ice versus the density of water has nothing to do with why the lake is freezing over. There is more lake in contact with the earth than there is lake in contact with the air. The earth under the lake is greater than 32 degrees NOT freezing, only the aIr above the lake is freezing. The freezing is going to start usually at the bank and move away from the bank.
  • "Using words"? How the heck else would we describe it? How about I tell you how to write a question instead of you telling us how to write an answer?

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