• say what upset you on Answerbag, why not noone knows who you are. It will make you feel better and if he/she is really your best friend then he/she should listen and offer sympathy btw answerbag thing just suggestion
  • Maybe you should see a shrink? It depends what the problem is but whatever you do you musn't not tell anyone and let the sadness/anger or whatever emotion it is build up inside you because it can destroy you. It is hard to open up to someone but believe me it feels so much better when you have! Well good luck! :)
  • O you sound exactly like a friend of mine, you'd be surprised how many people can see striaght throuigh but don't say anything. You have to start small, tell your best friend something small and see how they react if they know you well and they love you as they should they will be ok then over a period of time open yourself up. BUT ONLY TO A POINT!! you dont want everyone knowing everything about you thats just as bad. I hope this helps
  • I'm like you, people see my smiling and happy but its not what I'm feeling inside. I don't want my problems being someone elses.
    • Wijker
      Maybe it sounds a bit strange... but if you don't give a fuck about how people think of you makes your life a lot better..
  • talk about the problem with someone you're close to who has the same behaviour as you
  • Ok Talk To me.I dont assure that Ill explore you fully but to a great extent i can help you out.I have tried it with many people especially teeagers like you.
  • maybe if you understand that crying does't mean you're weak, just let it out coz dying inside and bottling eveything inside is really damaging, though i wish i was more like you, i cry over the silliest thingc :p
  • Hopefully by now you have resolved this with a good outcome! Your emotions are not unusual and nothing to feel ashamed about. At your age, you are going through a lot of changes-- right on the border of adulthood. Or perhaps you are clinically depressed--sadly, an increasingly common disease. You should investigate sources of free medical or psychiatric counseling in your area. There is no reason for you to live with this dark cloud over you. If you really feel that you are 'dying inside,' seek help now.
  • Thats due to low self esteem. You probably worry too much what others will think about you so you make up a fake person for them to see. Alot of teenagers are like that, unfortunately. You have to learn that you shouldnt care, because those who make fun or tease you for being yourself are idiots anyways.
  • The first step is awareness. You recognize that you hold yourself back emotionally, the next step is to try and determine what you are afraid of if you were to express your true emotions. Imagine yourself crying in front of your best friend and then write down the worst thing that you think would happen. Writing down your fears in a safe place could really help, especially when you go back and read them when you are feeling strong. You may even decide someday to share what you've written with your best friend. All the best to you.
  • We share the same experience..but there's nothing i can do..But when i see them happy,i feel happy myself.. For me,i better lose my life so they can keep theirs.. I'd say you're a good kid for not making your best friend worry about you..But of course,not the best choice to make..
  • Go find Self Assertiveness classes. They teach you how to say what you want and think right at the outset (without being a bully or feeling mean) so that everyone is still ok and there are no issues building up in secret until you get all knotted up like this. If you get it right it will make you a very magnetic person because others have their secrets and hang-ups too and your kind confidence and relaxed attitude will be very attractive to them.
  • Listen to music that evokes the right emotion of how you are feeling...... i really understand how you are feeling...having just been able to find myself. What i think u need to take a step back from your life, try and figure out how you feel about yourself...sometimes you have to do things on your own....if it means fucking everyone over so you can get your head needs to be done<3 i'm sorry if i couldn't help more xx
  • maybe youre just shy about crying in front of people

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