• Here's a great source that may help you sir -
  • You may be suffering from Mild Depression. The doc should be able to tell you and put in place some kind of remedy.
  • there could be something different about the place your sleeping... it could just be a thing like the ticking of a clock or the absence of the clock..
  • Did you used to do drugs? 2 months ago I had smoked marijuana with a friend and the drug was laced with speed (amphetamines). It caused me to have severe panic attacks a month later which I got rid of by taking lazropam for 2 days and talking with someone. It's a month later and I keep waking up at 4 too! And i can't fall asleep after. It's totally pissing me off and I have no idea if it's from the amphetamine... but I'm not anxious anymore, I've found a bit of conviction.

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