• Yeppers!
  • Yep! And i will spank my children as well!! It worked for me!
  • Yes. I still don't believe it hurt them more than it did me... if they didn't believe in it they shouldn't have done it. Just a thought.
  • yeah. good discipline, i have to admit.
  • When I more than deserved it. Got my butt paddled at a public school too. That only had to happen once.
  • Hell yeah and each time I probably earned it. Now-a-days, they call it abuse. Please! See all the hellian kids we have now?
  • I was in trouble so often that after a while I couldn't even feel them. I started getting grounded at a much earlier age than most.
  • I was whipped!
  • I had the living crap beaten out of me as a child.
  • yep, I sure was.
  • Yeah I was a bad kid. Got spanked by my mom and the nuns. Interestingly, I kind of enjoy it now....kidding....not into that scene.
  • No I waited until I was an adult. It's more fun now.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Nov. 13
    • Bijou Pleasurette
      I enjoy being spanked as an adult. It's great fun! Lol:)
  • I have absolutely no memory of being spanked as a child, but I always thought that it could happen.
  • Yep!! Way before the day of political correctness and teachers being charged with assault for touching a kid.Things were simpler then. :)
  • I was spanked twice that I can remember by my mom. I knew why and I didn't do what caused me to get the spanking again. I was whipped often (switches..bridles..sticks..whatever was handiest) by my stepfather for the least infraction, real or imagined. I had no respect for him, but I did fear him until I was in my teens. Then I rebelled. Spankings are one thing...whippings are something entirely different.
  • Yes. But not very often.
  • Yes. I was spanked, never beaten.
  • Yes. Why -- you forming a class action lawsuit or something?
  • Yes, yes I was. Not very often, but it was effective and always with restraint. I knew when it was going to happen and I knew how many hits I was going to get. I'm thankful that my father did it, and that he didn't let me do whatever the heck I wanted and that he set boundaries and enforced them. He didn't give empty threats and we had many more conversations than spankings... but he didn't spare them if they were needed. I was spanked as a kid, never abused.
  • Not spanked but I was smacked.
  • Yes I was, and I was bad and deserved it! There is a big difference between spanking/discipline and beating (abuse). So many people are afraid people will think they are abusing their kids, and don't spank/discipline at all. Perhaps that's why kids seem more ornery these discipline, and total lack of respect.
  • I'm in the same boat as "Jade". I was spanked by my Mom, until she remarried. Then I was beaten and abused by my step-dad! Many times my Mom stepped in and took the abuse herself, to keep him off of us. Fortunately, now she is free and happy! It probably caused me to be way to easy on my children, as they are really kinda spoiled. But, they ARE good people. I just feel for my oldest daughter, tho'. She did get spanked fairly regularly, but then I had severe back problems develop, and couldn't even hardly touch the other 2. My daughters give my son (the youngest) a real hard time because he was probably spanked 3 times in his life! But, like I said, they did turn out to be GOOD people, so we must have done something right, (or they turned out okay in spite of us, LoL)!
  • Both ends, one time.
  • Yes, lovingly.
  • Sure was, but mostly not in anger. It was a well arranged affair. I was told the consequences and if I disobeyed, I got a spanking when my father got home after an explanation. I think I was a child that needed to be spanked. It worked on me. Some children I think do well with groundings or just a talking to. Some need a more 'vigorous' demonstration:-)
  • I was not spanked, but my sister got screamed at lot by our mother because she (sister) was very fresh.
  • Yeah! My step dad tried spanking me up until I was 13!
  • Yeah I am going back to the casino! I interviewd yesterday and heard through the grapevine that I got the job, I am just waiting on them to get back to me so I can go take a UA!
  • Yes, but only once or twice. Because of the infrequency, those spankings really stuck with me. I remember both times quite well, and I did work hard to keep from getting any more!
  • Um no... whipped would be a better description of what was done to me as a kid. My Dad hated having a girl and often I was the focal point of his daily irritations. I felt his belt across my bare butt more times than I can recount, usually when I had done nothing at all.
    • Bijou Pleasurette
      Why did your dad hate having a girl? I felt my dad's belt across my bare butt many times but he didn't hate having a girl. He didn't spank me for nothing.
  • Yup - It was my moms favorite way to punish me. She thought that spanking was an embarrassment tool and that bare bottom spanking would be even more embarrassing. When I was a "naughty girl" where ever we were no matter who was around she would bare my butt by pulling my pants and panties down and spank me. The usual was five swats but I could get additional swats depending on how bad it was. The weird part was I liked the attention and for some reason the whole embarrassment thing was cool to me too. The more public the better. I know its weird but I still kind of like it. Even then I would purposely misbehave around people in public to be a naughty girl. When I got older closer to when she stopped spanking me I would resist and often end up with my pants and panties completely off due to my struggling. Of course then it wasn't at all sexual, just a weird rush I felt. But my dad swears my mom doing that caused me to be weird about nudity and stuff. I do cause them grief I know.
  • yes i was
  • To the best of my recollection, I do recall a few times. As an adult, many many more times and a lot more fun ;)
  • A few times I got my kiester spanked for being a bad boy.
  • Yes, but only three times that I remember. It was only used as a last resource and never out of anger.
  • Haha Yeah I was kinda bad xD but I learned my leason and I dont get spanked anymore
  • yes i was, although i needed it badly! timeouts had no effect on me. now i have 6 children twins, triplets, and the oldest is not a multiple. i do spank them though and it seems to work.
  • All the time and I even had to go and get my own switch for my mother to use
  • Yes, and don't regret any of it. CPS needs to step back and let parentss discipline (NOT BEAT) their children. The BIBLE says in the book of Proverbs, "the rod of correction chases the foolishness out of a child". You wonder why our youth are so corrupt? Ask CPS.
  • yes i was i was a horrible child my mom would take me to the bathroom and spank me till i cried if i didnt cry it would keep goin and if i fake cried (i did that often) shed take me out of the public restroom and walk me to the mens belt section make me take my own pants and underware off and spread my feet apart and grab my ankles and spank the crap out of my ass. i hated getting spanked in public it was so hummiliating and my mom did it even if i was a bad girl with a friend over. this continued till i was 10!
  • yes i was right up to the age of 18!!! i prob deserved em and in all fairness i certainly don't think they done me any harm, if anything they made me a better person. Sofie
  • Not as far as I know.
    • Bijou Pleasurette
      Not as far as you know? Surely you must remember! Lol:)
  • Most definately, bottoms up across Mom's lap bare bottoms up until I was 12 or 13 regularly. And, into my teens for a foul mouth.
  • No - and I'll always wonder what it would've been like. I read about it, dreamt about it, drew pencil sketches of it, even wrote little descriptions of traditional bare bottom spankings. But instead of getting my bum warmed, I was punished with the withdrawal of affection. My mother in recent years said that, yes, she would go ahead and spank me if she had it to do over again. I do know how it feels to be spanked - you bet I do. But never as a childhood punishment. :(
  • Yep and it still hurts today! :D
    • Bijou Pleasurette
      That's a long time for it to hurt! Lol:)
  • Yes, even into my mid-teens!
  • My mom did
  • No and i have never hit mine.
  • Yes, lots of times- i guess i was a naughty little girl. Can't blame me though, i was only a child!!!
  • I was hit as a child but sometimes it would go to far (i dont really want to go into details)in fact i was hit until i was 18(and pregnant)off my dad but at the time he used to drink alot ,when you are a child you blame yourself and convince yourself you deserved it ,but when i left home at 18 i realised i didnt and it has took me till the age of 30 to come to terms with what whent on and to move on i dont think there is anything wrong with a slap as long as that is all it is but there are otherways to punish children its just knowing what gets to them the most.
  • I was smacked as a child when I over-stepped the mark, I don't hate my parents for doing it. I have a 6 year old of my own, I used to get frustrated with her when she was younger and used to smack her gently on her legs when she really over-stepped the mark. Now she is older, I can't remember the last time I smacked her, yes I shout at her and threaten to take privilages away if she doesn't do as she is told but I've never smacked her hard or even felt like I could bring myself to do that.
  • yes i was and if i could go back i wouldn't a thing those spankings save me from a lot of stuff. (tough love is just as good as tender love)
  • Dude I was not spanked!!!!!! I WAS WHIPPED!!!! I always got whipped with a belt. But I do think you should spank you children on the barbutt like me mom would but not with a belt!!!!!
    • RareCatch
      Same thing happened to me but it was my father. Nov. 13
    • Bijou Pleasurette
      I had my dad's belt on my bare butt. It didn't do me any harm.
  • Yes. I always got spanked hard by my dad with a wooden hairbrush on my pants, briefs, and bare.
    • RareCatch
      Same here Nov. 13
  • Yes i was, (adopted) Dad was always the one to do it and i was spanked (ALWAYS bare bottom)! and he also rubbed my bottom with sandpaper, for about 30 seconds, my bum felt like it was on fire!-VERY sore!. I was then stood in a corner hands on my head and bottom on fire!. Then Dad rubbed my bottom with cream (which was SO embarrassing-poking your bum out for your Dad to give it a good old rub with cream)! but i never refused!-it was too sore!. Infact i'de ask him to rub for longer as it was red raw and burning, i'de say "more cream please Daddy" and "Daddy PLEASE give it a REALLY good rub, an extra rub it's sooo sore"! he did but i don't know what was more red-my face or my bottom!. Then i said sorry but my bottom was sore for a good few days after he sandpapered it and i slept on my tummy for a few nights after. You could always tell if i'de been naughty cause Dad would be rubbing my bottom with cream or i'de have white cream smeared on my bottom!. I wanted a cuddle after it (as i loved him) and boy was i obedient-who wouldn't be? but it worked a treat!.
  • yes. I dont see the big deal when people say your hurting them?! im only 14 and when i was little my dad made sure that i respect his authority. He didnt beat me either. Some of my peers need a good whoopin'
  • Yeah, loads of times.
    • RareCatch
      Yet still? Nov.13 lol
    • Crazychick
      I'm 30 and married now. I get spanked for pleasure now. Lol:)
  • Hmm! Ouch ouch yea!
  • Lots of times.
    • Anonymous
      What kinds of things did your parents use and what kinds of things did they do it over?
  • I got spanked at least a couple of times as a kid. My parents pretty much just used there hands, I was also spanked by some of my babysitters they used sticks and I was also spanked by one of my teachers back when I was a kid when my teacher did it to me she used a wooden paddle. When my teacher did it to me it wasn't really a punishment it was just so that I could see what it was like.
  • Yes! Sometimes mom would grab whatever was handy to spank us with. Once she spanked me with a board that had a nail in it. She said it caught on my pants the first swat so she flipped it over and keep going.
  • It was more like when wasn't I. I was spanked at least once each week and just in case I did something they didn't know about I got and extra one. Am I messed up or have the modern day excuses that I should be messed up for having spankings, well I am not! I thank my parents they loved me enough to discipline me when I needed it. I was never beaten only spanked.
  • yes and with a belt
  • With a fly swatter or for more serious offenses a wide flat slightly curved wooden salad(spoon?). All mom had to do is head toward that drawer while angry at our behavior and we would shape up quick.
  • Yes, but only from my dad. My mom didn't believe in spanking.
  • i got the belt instead
  • I was just spanked for singing my ABC's in class in kindergarten when I was 5 years old. Now I call that serious REAL CHILD ABUSE.
  • yes and i got the belt too

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