• No, if you dicuss racial issues with only those inside your own race....what learning is really going on?
  • i wouldnt really say that i'm afraid, but i would say that i am hesitant to discuss race issues w/ people outside my own race. Mainly because i worry that i might offend them, when i'm not intending to. For example - i'm against illegal immigration and i dont believe that illegal immigrants should have the same rights (to drive cars , etc.) as legal citizens do. I get uncomfortable discussing this around my hispanic friends because i live in California where illegal immigration from Mexico is rampid and i dont want to offend them JUST in case they either feel passionate about the subject or themselves are illegal.
  • discussion of race in answerbag seems pointless. in an arena where anonymity is a guarantee-OTHER THAN OBVIOUS IGNORANCE-people should feel free to talk and learn. it has been my experience here that its much more a forum for self righteous pablum. its a shame. to get more to your point(sorry) i think there has to b an understanding of the difference in discussing race(caucasian, etc...) and culture. i am woefully ignorant of any african culture, but i can certainly tell you who is african american. sorry for the diatribe
  • not at all... it's not something i generally bring up out of the blue but i certainly have no fear of discussing it...
  • Nah. I'm such a mixed breed that I can usually fit in with just about anybody...visually. I like to make it a goal to talk about race when everyone else is afraid to. It's not that I'm saying anything derogatory; it's just fun to see other people squirm about something so silly.
  • I don't mind, as long as it isn't offensive.
  • i've usually been on the defensive concerning race, i don't attack on other races except for the ignorant idiots who go hating on others. other than that i'm up for learning about every culture - it's brought me close to many new and very valuable friends especially recently
  • I don't mind, as long as it doesn't go to far, to the point that it gets serious.
  • It depends on who I am conversing with, not the ethnicity of the person.
  • No. Why? Well, because I see no reason to be afraid.
  • since we are all humans, there are no other "races" within humanity.
  • Fear? No. I love to learn. I will be cautious not to offend though. But if I want to understand a different view, I have no problem asking. People of every race, religion, etc are the same. You have some that are touchy about the subjects, but most people are actually very open about thier perspective on things like race, religion, politics, etc.
  • I will discuss race issues with anyone who will do it with humility, intelligence and good humour
  • my friends offend themselves, they couldn't care less :) but then again, everyone knows they're just having a laugh :)
  • My next-door neighbors are a black couple and I am a white woman nearing 60. We talk frequently about racial issues, gender equality, politics, religion, poverty, education, gardening, the economy, current films and books, and any other subject under the sun from which we can learn anything from each other. I have never been afraid of talking about race outside of my own Caucasian ethnicity. When some outside of my race assume I do not know what I am talking about, I like to tell them about riding the bus 800 miles to Washington DC in the 60s to march for civil rights, or being maced in the park and arrested for civil disobedience for standing up for what I knew in my heart was the right thing to do. Nope, I'm not afraid.
  • No, I'm not afraid to discuss issues with anyone - I think that is part of what the problem is - everyone afraid to honestly say what's on their mind, and listen to others do the same. If anything, I probably am too open with my opinions, as I sometimes am not the most politically correct person, in terms of my vocabulary - however, I do apologize to people up front, as I am aware of this. I don't think I offend anyone though, or least, I certainly hope that I haven't!:-)
  • No. I'm perfectly happy talking about the human race with my fellow human beings.
  • Yes I find it difficult to discuss race; I think it is like some kind final frontier. In a sense, it's my own fault because I am so immersed in "white culture" that I am afraid of saying the wrong thing. I really would like to have friends who are people of color - that said, I'm not going to befriend someone who's black just to "add to my portfolio." I see that happen among educated people and it is really gross. There is a funny parody site of that somewhere. But the fact is that whenever I have gotten to know a black person, with one exception, THEY have ultimately decided that I 'just don't understand.' And you know what? I guess they are right. I DON'T know what it is like to be a minority in America. I don't know what it is like to live with the legacy of slavery. I try my best to be sensitive but find myself walking on eggshells. I do wish things were different. But blacks in America do have a legitimate chip on their shoulders, and it is next to impossible for a white person who doesn't censor literally every word and pander to be truly friends with blacks. Again, this is most unfortunate; race does remain the central dilemma of American society. I welcome your comments even if you want to flame me.

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