• I'm with Vodafone, and will change as soon as my contract is up, they are hopeless, customer service is a joke.
  • I love T-Mobile, but it looks like they have crappy coverage in your area. Sprint looks spotty at best. If you get off the major roads, you're toast. AT&T looks best. I hate AT&T though.
  • Right now I am with Sprint but will be changing to Verizon very soon. The only place I can use my cellphone with Sprint in my house is the kitchen or outside. And once I get who ever I am calling I can't walk around or I lose the signal. So I am going to change over to Verizon. plus verizon has phones and plans that are easy for seniors to use like my 80 year old husband, where Sprint does not
  • I hate ours, A T and T, the kids have gone over the limits twice and had astronomical bills and we dont have a good fee for text messages, its expensive even for messages received, its total crap!! I will watch your question with interest and see if anyone is happy with their plan. Great question!!! xD
  • I have been with Verizon since a cell phone came with a bag and a sholder strap (not kidding) They were Cellular One then became Airtouch Cellular then became Verizon. I have 4 phones on my plan (which I just changed today) The latest plan is 1400 anytime minutes, free night and weekends and free verizon to verizon, and new every two, Nation wide for $80.00 a month. Plus $9.99 a month for each additional phone. I work winters in the upper peninsula of michigan and the service is great. My parents have one phone and they travel full time all around the country and the have as good or better coverage then anyone the meet. They have a wide variety of plans and services. If I have any issues it's with the wait at the store. Seems like we cant get out of there in under an hour. But we don't do that very often. I alway have and still do reccomend Verizon highly. At my "office" the GM proving grounds we have a "Family Share" plan that includes free nights and weekends and free Verizon to Verizon for over four thousand (yes 4000) phones)
  • I'm with Verizon now, and it is decent. I was with Nextel, but switched because I was tired of not having a signal while going around the beltway of the nation's capital, for crying out loud!
  • I recently switched from a company I won't name (begins with a T) due to increasingly poor customer service and really bad reception in key areas I was travelling to. I had another provider at my last job (again, no name, but their name is a track and field event) and the reception was even worse. I am now with a new provider (sounds like HORIZON) and am really impressed. Coverage is great (even in data centers), my phone was run over (long story), and I got ahold of a customer service rep online who told me where the nearest store was and when I got there they had a replacement ready for me. Fully charged, new SIM card already activated. Within two hours I was making calls.
  • I have been with Verizon for the past two years and have been very happy with them. I switched to Verizon from AT&T ( Cingulair) because of poor customer service ( A don't give a damn attitude)!
  • I have Verizon. I've had cells for the past 15 years. I like Verizon the best, can get out everywhere I go, but dont like being tied down to a 2 year contact.
  • Any phone unit will do. But system provider plays a major role. have reviews.This will help you choose.

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