• I would strongly recommend that you get a lawyer and explore your legal options.
  • If you are searching public records to find some dirt on somebody, you will need to develop a very thick skin. People do not relish the idea that someone might find out their bad deeds, or some past bad deeds they wish to keep hidden. You have confronted them by your deed, and they have retaliated. Do not take it personally. It just means they are hitting below the belt. In local politics, that is very common, just as it is on the national level. Protect yourself with good notes, and the facts, and you should be OK. If you are easily hurt, then find some other way to spend your time, you are just setting yourself up as a target.
  • Is the guy an active hating racist, or was it a residual colloquial racist remark? That would have some bearing on my action. If the former, the guy does not deserve to be an elected official. There aren't any grounds for a lawsuit, but I'd go to the local paper and see if they'd report it. If they won't, I'd probably check w/ a lawyer first, just to make sure I wouldn't do anything to get falsely accused of libel, but then I'd try to spread the word as far as I could. Of course, you have to live in the town, and I don't, so that's a factor, too.
  • I would write a formal complaint to anyone and everyone from the Mayor to the Congressman and keep writing until I got the satisfaction of this official jerks termination!
  • KEEP DIGGIN'!!! Your about to find something and he's nervous. LMAO! Than you'll probably have two charges to get him sent to prison!
  • You may want to get you a small tape recorder & carry it in a purse or something that way the next time you start looking again you will have their snide remarks on tape & bust their sorry azz's!!!!

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