• Between the three... there is no question. The Custom. If you get the Super Glide, you will be adding chrome for the next year just to end up with a Custom anyway. Not too opinionated on the Low Rider... it is a nice bike. I just feel like it is the low end Dyna. If you go to a dealership... sit on all three. You will know which one feels right to you. Of course going up on the price tag, sit on a Screamin' Eagle Dyna. They are really comfortable. If they would've come out with that a year sooner, I would have gotten that instead of my Night Train. But I am very happy and pleased with mine. I am particularly drawn in by the 200mm back tire on the Softails. But if I were to buy a Dyna tomorrow, it would definately be the Super Glide Custom.
  • Forget the Dyna and go with the StreetGlide. If you start doing a lot of distance riding, you'll want the cruise and radio.

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