• not many things you can do but upgrade the Exhaust System and Air Cleaner System for greater air flow volume. other than that you are looking at Porting, Manifolds and Valve/ Cyl head Upgrades.
  • install a high performance chip
  • You can look at supercharging. A bit pricy, but you won't have to open the engine. There's lots of bolt on performance stuff available if you look. Check Summit and Jegs. Bang for the buck, though, bolt on stuff isn't going to ever give you as much power as a full-on hi-po rebuild. A good cam, new set of pistons an rings (and bearings and gaskets), and a little bit of machine work really doesn't cost that much, especially compared to something like supercharging.
  • I would start with getting a built 4L60 transmission first...they are pretty weak and can't take too much more power.
  • I also have a 03 silverado with a 4.8 and i have put a flowmaster exhaust, k&n air intake, throtle body spacer, and a programmer and i have beat plenty of 5.3's but i'm about to get some headers, mass airflow sensor, and pulleys which i think will finish it up and my truck already really impresses me... let me know what you think and do.

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