• Everyone remembers their first. If you don't have feelings for him, then just move on. Don't put yourself in a situation hoping that maybe something will work. I hope next time you'll be more protective of who you give yourself to. Be careful because there will be those that play that part just to get what they want out of you.
  • We all go with people for the wrong reasons. Sex is a physical thing, but until someone becomes specail to you there is never any connection other than the sex which happened in the past. If you did not love the person then it had no meaning unless you give it one in your head. Yes it is bad, but we all do it. But what matters is when you meet the first person where it means something to you :)
  • you can regret it, but you can't change the circumstances, it is alas a lesson you learn in life.
  • Here is a website the will be good for you to understand better the options that you have. It includes teenage pregnancy counseling - - - - -
  • Abstain for a while...then re invent one has to know you were a slapper
  • If you don't have feelings for him and you know it then let it go! You'll just hurt him terribly if you change your mind knowing you don't love him. Everyone usually has their first firmly printed in their minds. I'm old and i can remember it like it was yesterday. Move on.
  • People make mistakes--young and old. Try to put it past you. While it's unfortunate we make mistakes, they also help us learn and grow.
  • If I had a Cent for every guy I wish hadn't taken my virginity......I would have $1.43 Re invent yourself. Who is goin to know, you can be a Virgin for at least the next two or three guys, after will be a little slack...oh and stay away from BIG guys they tend to leave you..gaping.
  • Sorry But this may seem really rude but what the fuck are you thinking at 14. especially if you never really liked the guy. but past is past so forget it move on. Find someone you really like.
  • If you dont like him, move on. We all make bad decisions sometimes, just remember he was only your first. Not your last! And Im NOT saying go and sleep with everything that moves, Im just saying there will be other people out there more worthy of you... Respect yourself more and respect your body more. I lost mine aged 14 to my bf of the time. At 6 months we slept together, we stayed together for 7 and a half years, it still wasnt the right decision! We broke up and I'm with a man I truly love now... So its not the worst thing that can happen and relationships are UNPREDICTABLE! lol
  • Be happy! Some of us are much older then you and are still virgins...
  • Experiences make people wiser, forget it and move on.
  • well, you cant take it back. So, learn from it and move on with your life. Make better choices, no shame! Weve all done it!
  • Let this serve as your very first lesson in hindsight and retrospect. Maybe now you will have learned at a rather high price, the art of thinking full circle, before you do! Im sorry that you didn't wait. I wish I had too.
  • Well, there's your problem right there: you're only fourteen, you never liked the boy in the first place, and now you're wondering what to do!!! If you're regretting your decision, then yeah, you made a mistake sleeping with this guy. My advice: I think that you should have a serious sit-down conversation with your mom. She'll be able to give you better advice because she knows you better than any of us. Plus, if you both agree, then sign up for teenage counseling, and go together. It'll strengthen your bond with her and help you to better understand the physical, and emotional consequences of having sex before you're well and truly ready! Good Luck, kid!
  • It can't be undone. 14 is far too young for sex. It's unfortunate, but there is nothing you can do. Wait another 4-5 years before getting sexual. Hopefully, you and your potential partners will be more emotionally ready by then.
  • I hope so many teenage ABers read this posting. 14 is school age, do your home work, study hard.
  • Well as long as you're not pregnant and you don't tell anyone (but maybe your parents), don't worry about it.
  • Forget about this boy and move on with your life. You can't undo what you did but you can let yourself grow up a little and, when you're truly ready, have sex with someone that you do love. When you're older you can think of that as your real first time. Everybody makes mistakes- they don't have to ruin your life. Just remember to learn from them. :)
  • well first of all "no offense" but im 14 too and uh..i lost my to my boyfriend but were still together i think you should be careful of who your having SEX with. i dont like seeing girls like you getting pregnant later in the future
  • Don't get into relationships at that young of an age cause if you do you will just get your heart broken. Wait until your about eighteen or nineteen before you get serious. I knew girl your age that hung herself because of a boy. Dont end up like that.
  • Just learn of your mistakes! That's how life works. You make a mistake and grow from it. I'm happy that you aren't pregnant! I hope this is a good lesson for you to be very careful with other guys. Now, I think you should move on. You say you don't love him and never did. But still you are thinking about him every day. I think you should focus on something else. It's a choise, you can make yourself crazy by thinking about him all the time. Just choose not to do that. Also, don't beat yourself up for it. Mistakes happen, everyone makes them. Just be careful next time and whatever you do, don't get yourself pregnant or with a disease!
  • good advice... dont have sex with someone you dont love or someone who doesnt love you. saves a lot of heartache. dont regret your decision... crap happens. consider it a learning experience. do you still talk to him? maybe there needs to be some kind of closure.
  • I'd say forget about sex and boys at your age and concentrate on what's important now. It's honestly not worth it and you'd be much better off trying to do well in school than thinking about little boys who will only stay with you for a month then leave you anyway. You're too young for it.
  • Just be patient. I know it can be very hard at your age. And don't think that losing your virginity is 'the thing to do because all your friends are doing it'. When the time is right, with the person that you care about, you will know in your heart.
  • youre better off not having a relationship with him since you could end up pregnant
  • i wouldnt have sex at your age, youre too young for that

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