• Well i have given you points but i know that will not soften the blow of what I'm about to tell you, so.. i need you to sit down (if your not already) take a deep breath, brace yourself and read on. Belken routers are not compatible with the Nintendo Wii now stop hyperventilating.. breath.. thats good.. just keep reminding yourself to breath. I know that this Sucks as we just got a net gear router and now my husband and roommate cant play any games on the steam network they use to play games. I'm very sorry, tho i will note that the net gear does let our Wii online.
  • Wii's are compatable with Belkin we had same problem not connecting. you have to temporarily turn off security then enter in all relevent info WEP key, I.P addresses Etc...(manually) then once connected turn back on security. That should work

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