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  • You were stitched up . You know how to avoid this , do yourself a favour and stay off the c*** in the first place . Job done.
  • Why do you feel you need those kinds of things to enhance your life anyway? Take it from someone who's been there. Don't waste your brain cells.
  • ive taken these chemicals and ive allways had a good time i dont know what your doing wrong but the chances of this happening twice is 100 to 1 . PS stop wasting your money. find a decent dealer...
  • um...dah pills chu took probably dah pill chu pop had a low mdxx so dats why chu didnt feel anthang. shiet either dat or chu got scam fuh real. but chu needa be careful of which one chu take and wats dah base like coke or speed. um nxt time chu do roll shiet best thang to do is smoke bud too there fuh it kicks in better. but try not to do it too much like chu dont want to drain ur serotonin which makes chu feel good den chu will get tired..kk
  • ok 1st off to the 1st person who answered she didnt ask to be judged on her life choices obviously we know drugs are bad. But anyways wether it effects you or not depends on the quality of the E and what type of E , also it takes awhile to kick in. I know for most people 1 tablet just doesnt cut it. also if you have a bigger body type that can affect things too. I am not promoting the use of e but it's your life and if you choose to do it again try taking more than one but remember keep hydrated drink lots of water , thats very important when you take ectasy. also if i say so myself the double stamped green jets (its a type of E)make for a good happy high. but remember ectasy can be really harmful.
  • go here and you can search the pill by name/stamp and find out what is in it. thousands of pills have been tested on this site!
  • oh and also, just because you know the dealer doesn't mean you know who made the pills. that website i gave you also tells you where the pills aer orginated from. and X is NOT THAT BAD as long as you don't do it every weekend. once or twice to try is recommended on my end lol. But I have only done it twice in my life. The first time It hit me in 40 minutes, the second took 3 hours. Don't wait for it...or it won't come lol.
  • To the fifth response I totally second that! That's exactly what I was going to say. XTC can be dangerous when used too much or in a reckless manner. Just remember to be very careful. People just need to find out the amount that works perfectly for them. Maybe try starting with one and then a half and then increasing by a half (waiting about an forty minutes to an hour in between). Just know not to push your limits with this drug. Be very careful. Research everything. And I would advise not using it too often! Personally I think a good rule of thumb is to wait AT LEAST a month in between each time. Also google pill reports. You can almost always find your pill in your area with comments on that site. It's very helpful! Be safe!
  • Ya, i have taken about 4 E pills on seperate occasions and always experience the same effects, clintching of teeth, slight euphoria(less intense than thc), and it feels like shortness of breath or anxiety, ill never waste time with this again, ill just stick with pcp for a dissociative and lsd for a one of a kind experience, not a pill that tries to mimic pcp and cocaine but cant even do that.

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