• Only if you gave him a warranty. Some states may have lemon laws which give the buyer a certain period of time to return the car or request a refund if a non-fixable problem becomes apparent but I'm not sure even those laws apply to a private sale.
  • Not unless you sold it to him under false pretenses (such as hiding a major accident, water damage etc). Other than that, no warranties are implied and it's his problem.
  • I hope you had him sign a sales agreement - the agreement probably absolved you of all warranty issues - tell him to sue you
  • No, as long as you did not make any false representations or guarantees. For example, if you said the engine was new and it wasn't, then you could be liable.
  • In the majority of the states, selling a personal vehicle one on one, is like buying an item at a yard sale. Its considered "as is" and no recourse can be taken.
  • In the UK If you are a motor trader yes, private citizen no.

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