• If the ear is swelling because of ear mites sweet oil drops help my dog
  • Thank for help,but problem is ear wax, and shaking of head has caused vein damage and blood is leaking into ear flap making it swell and hold the ear down not up ,this is making her shake the head more.I am sure the sweet oil drops will come in usefull though.
  • my 4 year old german shepherd's ear has a swelling - in the base of the ear, just above the ear canal. it is warm and pink, not red - seems to be very tender to him. Appears to be on both ears, but a little more swollen on one side. We just noticed this 2 days ago. He is prone to ear infections, every couple of months, which we treat with Suralan (cortisone) ear drops and this works after 2 - 3 days of treatment. What can this swelling be - is it a lymph node, swollen gland, cyst? Odd to be a cyst at the same time on both ears. He does shake his head a little ,but really only after we have touched him to take a look. Please advise!

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