• You left him because you have standards. Once you meet someone that you click with and meets your standards, you will no longer be alone.
  • I feel your pain... Just broke up with my first real love and I am SO scared that I will never find anyone like him again. However he treated me amazingly... it's so hard not to miss that. In your case it doesn't sound like the relationship was a good one. To me it sounds like you made the right choice. It takes some people FOREVER to leave a relationship in which they're unhappy. You've taken the first and most difficult step. You have to move on and know that you will meet someone else. There are SO many people out there that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated... way better than your ex. Keep your eyes open and don't give up hope :)
  • i feel the same. been alone since 2006. dated guys here n there but nothing like i've been used too.... i feel like i will die alone. im gonna be 30. I've never wanted children...but now i feel like im ready to have one and leave the drinking/party scene behind.... what is wrong w me. im cute, loyal and a hard worker and still alone....
  • I just recently left my x too, we were going to have a baby together but i miscarried, it was terrible and in that time when i was he called me every name in the book, i decided enough was enough, if i kept letting him do this to me he would continue doing it. Yes I believe there is always love thereafter. guys are weird they can't be alone then no sooner they go and find someone else,stupidity. then a few years will go by or much sooner than that then they want you back. I can give you one true advice keep yourself busy, get another job, take up a class, do something that you have never done before. it will brin you true confidence
  • dear friend, i can understand the pain you are going through.i have been through the i must say that you r a brave gal. keep it up! to fight the blues: keep yourself involved-do what you always wanted to do.develop new adds confidence. make new friends. join a new people.but dont jump into a new out for the standards you have set. if old memories come haunting back just tell yourself that you deserve someone special who loves u for who u are n not what he wants u to be.Dont blame yourself. n finally d most imp advice- dont get Bitter!... coz life is about to get Better!!! :) Let Love Find d Beautiful U!! Good Luck!
  • I've been where you are standing now. Its desperately lonely and beyond frustrating when you lose love only to have that other person find happiness. The only advice I can give you is to stop looking for love. Try to focus on you and your life. I had my heart shattered, and after getting to the point of not bursting into tears whenever I thought of him, I decided to think of myself. I focused on college, and making me the woman I've always wanted to be. And who would have thought that the moment I did that, I found the love of my life
  • simular shoes but oddly enough genders reversed n she was my first everything so it stings a little more, im tryin to take my mind off it hittin the gym a bit more boastin my body confidence as i had none before lol n workin on my jazz guitar hopin to record an album this summer, n im sure ull find love again n i hope i do too lol best of luck -x-
  • theres no way we can know that, only time will tell

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