• I hate to say it, but asking a question like this will reach the limits of a fictional character. This is like asking "How can Harry Potter use magic." Some things are better left unknown, for the sake of fiction.
  • Photoelectric and compton scattering on his molecular structure/brain caused his metamorphisis. He couldve come out differently however, in reality The Hulk is classic Tv.
  • In the film gamma radiation is the trigger to his latent mutation. The result of his father's genetic manipulation.
  • loharv. actually this isn't anything like "how does harry potter use magic. this is a legitimate question. because if he's referring to the latest movie, they used scientist to calculate it to make it as truthful as possible. if i'm correct, when bruce banner is bombarded with adrenaline it stimulates heart rate and raises his blood sugar which in human beings would be a small athletic boost but with the hulk its a huge chemical reaction from the DNA his father passed to him which if im correct its a frame shift mutation that his father had.
  • he became the hulk becaus gamma rays hit him that changed his cells and dna then when he gets angry a sartling metomorphesis acures and he trys finding a cure.

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