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  • I think you need to ask him what is going on, and I don't think you should use IM to do it.
  • go up to him and ask him. Don't beat around the bush to much.
  • Sounds to me like he is depressed about something. Maybe you should ask if something is wrong. It wouldn't be like a guy to not go out with the one he loves.
  • Talk to him about it. Tell him you've noticed he's been really quiet lately and you're wondering if anything is going on in his life that is getting in the way of him spending time with you.
  • You could ask him, but also be prepared. He may be slowly trying to break away from you. Guys do cowardly things like this for some reason.
  • I would ask him. But be prepared to possibly get hurt. Guys do this type of thing, he might be trying to push away from you so eventually you'll break up with him so he won't feel so bad. Just a thought. Good luck. I went through this similiar situation with my last boyfriend. So immature.
  • I would stop trying to call him, and stop sending him messages on MSN. He might begin to wonder what your up to and start calling you again. Guys get distant and sometimes they just need some space. Just go out with friends, and do what ever you do every day and let him chase you.
  • Does not sound good those are breakup signs. I would just come right out with it and ask him why torture yourself.
  • I'd suggest that you and the boyfriend have a SERIOUS talk about your relationship status .... it sounds like he is or has LOST interest ... Perhaps a NEW man should be in your future .. +5
  • just ask him whats wrong

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