• They are not necessarily fascinated more than not used to wearing clothes. They were born without clothes. Wearing clothes is something that is a learned behavior. Adults forget this.
  • It's very liberating! Freeeeee
  • Beats me. But it sure does happen.
  • That seems to be a childish habit I've retained.
  • kids have no shame yet and being naked i more comferable plue when you are chasing them around is like a game to them
  • Being naked is liberating, comfortable and fun. Children aren't concerned about being "rude" and aren't ashamed of their bodies. I think it's beautiful and perfectly natural.
  • I think it's the delicious freeness, it's how they were born and feel so natural and open....alive! And I know, first hand right now, how older people, near their end, often can't seem to keep their clothes on. They are forever fretting, almost like they are in pain, to try to rid themselves of clothes. Their socks, shirts, pants, everything, almost like it is burning their skin. And they calm down when they are naked, even at timers with no sheets on them when before they would suffer from the cold and drafts.
  • Children just don't really care. There is nothing wrong with being naked. Seriously. It's just not really safe in our society.
  • Because it is really fun? I do it as much as I can!
  • It's the same fascination I have with running around naked. I just don't like clothes. I jerk my pants off the minute I come home, and I could care less who is in my house at the time. Many friends have been forced to drink beer with me in my skivvies. It's probably even stronger with a child. I've had decades to get used to clothing discomforting my body. A child has only had a few years. I say "let 'em run free. It's innocent.
  • It's more comfortable! Clothes are restricting. They chafe, bind, pinch and rub on delicate skin. They feel better without the miserable things on. Most of us do. Society makes us wear them, but in the privacy of our own homes and in some wiser societies, clothing is optional and happily discarded.
  • I still run around like that-never bothered to figure it out.The breeze,maybe?
  • I have that problem w/ myself.
  • It's our natural state--how we came into this world.
  • hmm. i work in a nursery, and have had to stop a few chidren from pulling thier trousers down! lol anyway... i think the previous answers kinda say all i wanted to say apart from the fact that wearing clothes don't mean i'm embaressed of my body. i'm from england and it's bloody cold! so i would wear clothes (or at least something simmilar) (sp) anyway. as well as this, my body is mine... and unless i want to show someone, i'll keep it covered up, thanks. :-D
  • Better question: What is with the adult's facsination with running around clothed?
  • Its an innocent and a free feel to them.
  • not just children but i know a few people who do it as young adults lol buts its the freedom and natural feel
  • It's a protest. They're trying to bankrupt the giant corporations in the clothes industry, in solidarity with the kids who work in the Third World sweatshops.
  • Ahhhh childhood, I remember some of those days, when the world was new and it was just me and my penis, out having wondrous adventures!

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