• The Shining ,the Stephen king movie staring Jack Nickolson directed by stanly Kubrik .those are 3 creepy poeple?
  • No country for old men has a very creepy feel to it :) Excellent movie too :D
  • Children of the Corn.
  • White Noise scared me so bad I had to sleep with the lights on for a month. It was eerie because we were having alot of electronic problems for a very long time prior to me seeing the movie. *shudders* Scary!!!
  • Signs. great acting, great plot line, great screams.
  • Little Otik, but I don't agree that it rival's "The Exorcist", though.
  • Jacob's Ladder
  • "Seven" was a very creepy movie, as was "Kalifornia"...both, coincidentally starred Brad Pitt. :)
  • The Others creeped me out!
  • "The Thing" (John carpenter's 1982 version) is ultra-creepy. It's a very suspenseful and tense movie, and has moments of absolute terror. I've seen it probably 20 times, and I still get scared watching it.
  • i would say most of these movies are very creepy...but Signs? are you serious? my little brother watched that movie--its super lame--just watched no country for old men--that was pretty sadistic but i was disappointed at the end...
  • The Ring I forgot about The Thing But Ghost films tend to be more creepier than slasher-type, gory movie ones like black and white films, of which there are a few I have seen
  • "The Hitcher" w/ Rutger Hauer (1986)
  • Eraserhead is by far the most disturbing and creepy thing I've ever seen. Look at this clip, it won't spoil anything, and it gives a nice sample. It's nothing compared to some of the other things in the film, and although you probably rented your film by now, make sure to try and check out this one next time. :)
  • cookers! then i saw this film called the eyes of edward james and that scared me good :(
  • I may be wrong, but to me "The Good Son" with the little brat from the Home Alone series seems to fit the bill.
  • Go with The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Both are creepy. Also try, Event Horizon.
  • The ideal creepy movie is one that is able to awaken your most suppressed childhood fears. As a small child, I was totally creeped out by the realities of hospitals and so for me, the creepiest movie ever is "Coma".
  • Hell raiser, any of them & that movie with that creepy arse clown I still see that morbid looking thing it may have been thing not sure but man was it scary & creepy
  • Black Christmas. The 1974 version with Margot Kidder
  • "The Uninvited"....a great classic B&W ghost story. Mind you the effects are dated, but the location is amazing and the book was downright scary. One of my favorite movies growing up.
  • Maybe you guys can help me out with my answer. I remember the plot of this super creepy movie clearly, but not its title. It's about a bunch of college-aged kids on a vacation staying in an old cabin. They come across some old witchcraft type stuff from a foreign culture that summons the dead or something like that. Turns out the cabin belonged to a guy that was obsessed with it, and they came across his diary, which has a cover made of human skin. Then creepy stuff starts happening (and some cheesy stuff, hey, it's an old movie from like the 80s or something, so you have to cut it some slack) and the creepiest part is when a woman is raped by a tree. Yes, you got that right, penetrated by a tree branch of a tree that has come to life. Yes, I know trees are technically alive already, but you know what I mean.
  • "What the Peeper Saw," starring Britt Ekland and Mark Lester, is really disturbing. (It was released under other titles.) Unfortunately it's hard to find an uncut DVD or VHS. There's one DVD that is advertised as uncut, but it's not -- it's a ripoff. Check with Amazon's reviews before you decide whether to invest any money in a purchase.
  • Clockwork Orange. It's totally messed up and creepy.
  • Rec, Portugese film...creepiest ever! or the shining a close second

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