• Usually I think that when I read my own comments.
  • Yep :] All the time. And I sometimes read comment threads I'm actually involved in and wonder what the hell is going on.
  • I always wonder that anyway. Why should comment threads be any different?
  • Sometimes...comment threads tend to let the real people hear sides of stories that you didn't know..of hints of rivalries and dislikes on AB that you knew nothing about..People tend to treat them more as 'private' mail tham thier 'public; answer.
  • Sometimes I wonder if some people in here are on the sauce or drugs or is it something in the water that they are drinking. There are others who flirt so obviously that they must think that this is Answergrab but the different folks for different strokes make it very interesting in here.
  • Often.
  • Yes, sometimes there are inside jokes or a bit of history between some ABers.
  • The only time I did that I discovered a disturbing conversation between a high level ABer and an underage girl some twenty years younger than him. Needless to say, I plan to do it again soon.
  • Yeah. When I see a comment thread between you and Dr. Maxwell, I usually don't have a clue what you two are talking about. Same when I see a comment thread between Satine and Sakhilinski.
  • Of course, reading comment threads is a very thing to do on AB. Sometimes I find myself just reading them when I was supposed to be answering some question. But, yes, sometimes I have no idea what they're talking about.
  • The threads that have had comments removed caused me to think I had finally lost it. I have no idea what was so offensive it had to be deleted altogether, I mean couldn't it just be edited to say "fork" you? Comment threads were intended for users to well, comment. Or to clarify an answer/ask for clarification among other things. People have turned the comment box into a battlefield and a tabloid. Lots of fighting and lots of gossip. Not good. Hence we have the what the hell is going on here question. And what do we do with all the garbage it creates? Ignore it. I find it amusing to be honest, because I have found that Q and A reputations are very different than comment thread reputations. I'm going to borrow a concept (not words) put forth by the wise Jodie44th. That of the deadly creampuff. It looks tasty, but the center is pure poison or not as innocent as it seems. I think people forget that we can all see the comments or else they figure nobody is paying attention. Wrong!

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